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Once, Scotland had thousands of “townships”, small farming communities where groups of families worked together. Then, two hundred and fifty years ago, the world began to change.

The townships were replaced by modern farms, crofting and large estates. In some places the process was known as the Highland Clearances. A few townships remained, but most of these had gone by 1900.


Auchindrain was the last to survive, until 1963. Today it is far and away the best remaining example of a type of settlement that was once typical and common, and which was very important within Scotland’s history.

Tea Room and Shop

The Visitor Centre contains a shop offering a wide range of books, local crafts and souvenirs.
It also houses the Auchindrain Tearoom, open daily from April to October from 10.30am to 3.30pm.

Most of what is served in the Tearoom is made on the premises, and the menu varies day-by-day. There is always a wide choice of home baking, soup, sandwiches and snacks, together with a wide choice of teas, coffees and cold drinks.

From time-to-time, the menu features “heritage” dishes, typical of what would have been eaten by the people of the township.



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Auchindrain is an inspirational resource for learning, and we actively welcome pre-booked visits by schools, youth groups and societies